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Your car’s transmission helps roll your vehicle smoothly.  As an integral part of your vehicle, care and maintenance is vital in keeping it fixed. Our mechanic is familiar with typical transmission repair issues that arise with certain makes and models.

A common transmission issue is in shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear or from 3rd gear to neutral. In some cases, the gears break completely. Other problems include high RPM without thrust and motion similar to neutral gear, even when the car is in “park”. 

Here at Quality Transmission Inc in Honolulu, HI, our transmission service banks on quality brake jobs. Brakes can determine life or death, accidents or lifelong prosperity with the vehicle. With proper brakes come great transmissions.

Our auto repair shop can run diagnostics on the potential cause of a transmission problem. Let us provide a solution quickly. Call Quality Transmission Inc for any transmission problems. Do not hesitate to help us, we will be more than happy to serve you!

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